Monday, February 9, 2009

Okami Update

So a ways back I wrote about my (out of character) praise for Okami. I sat down to play some more this weekend and approached what I thought, for the second time, to be the logical conclusion of the game only to sit through a cut scene and find myself staring at my godly wolf character sitting back on the screen awaiting my instructions to move forward into the next "mission." I'd like to preface my next statement with the fact that my entire time spent playing this game has been full of constant progression, there's no Final Fantasy-esque level grinding for hours or anything of that nature. With that said I have passed the 24 hour mark on my playtime and I am at a loss for words. This is long by PC RPG standards. I am now viewing Okami more as a marathon to which I am forced to press onward in, not for the desire to finish because I truly am enjoying this game, but because a game of this length and depth in storytelling deserves to be finished. I've rarely had a game tire me out (note that does not mean "bore me into not playing) and when I finally cross Okami's finish line I may collapse onto the floor in a heap of exhausted satisfaction much like I did into my friend's living room wall after I collapsed off of the drum throne after finishing the 8 song "metal marathon" set list in Rock Band.


Aaron said...

I felt a sense of satisfaction i rarely feel in video games after I finished Okami.

Naked Eskimo said...

24 hours in? Damn. I had no idea the game was that long. I have long thought about getting this one for the Wii, since the game mechanics seem perfect for that platform. I may do it once I beat the other games already on my plate.

Epic Fail said...

Despite it's length there were never really any moments where it felt forced or arduous. I'd definately recommend picking it up. I got my copy new for 25$ at Gamestop.