Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Last Word on Okami

At 29 and a half hours with the last remaining bits of conscious thought that I could find I finally crossed the finish line on Okami and promptly collapsed and dragged my exhausted mind into bed to process this surprisingly layered and vast game.

Finally, I can start playing other games again.


Jon Cole-Dalton said...

I think this officially the least enthusiastic I've ever read for Okami.

Epic Fail said...

No don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved Okami as you can tell from my previous posts. But I was stunned by the length and depth of the game to the point where I thought the game had become self aware and was making new game as I kept progressing in an attempt to keep me from ever playing another game again.

Bad Fish said...

lol@ the game becoming self aware :D