Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Rare Moment

Now I'm not normally one to be short and concise or blatantly praise a game but fuck it, it's my blog and I'll do what I want.

Kudos to you Clover Studios and your game Okami! I know you've been out for a while and I'm in no way relevant with this but I recently picked you up new for a paltry 25$ and I am a happy gamer. Now I know the Wii gives gamers a hard pill to swallow where it's graphics and hardware can't compete with Sony and Microsoft but your unique take on your artistic design has me entranced each time I turn the game on. Not only that but I'm currently 20 hours into the game and still haven't finished it. Now granted I'm one to explore every last bit and see a game in it's entirety but still even I rarely have that kind of play time by a game's finish. For a game without the need to grind out experience levels for hours on end, you've certainly more than given me my money's worth. And finally, the unique game mechanic of using the paint brush to draw specific characters and symbols to perform various moves is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise environment. Kudos to you my friends.

Ok, I promise my next post will be twice as pissy to make up for this.

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aaron said...

OMG!!! I jumped on the Okami bandwagon a few weeks ago . .. The only way i can truly describe that game is to call it a masterpiece!