Thursday, December 18, 2008

The trouble with MMO's

So I've been slacking on posting for a few days, mostly because I've been playing Wrath of the Lich King in what little free time I have. So I guess I'll join the rest of the video game playing internet and write about that for a while.

Here's my problem with MMO's. I hate other people. Especially when playing video games because other people are always slower and get stuck in a closet or something. So ok, Lich King came out and I had solo stuff to do for another 10 glorious levels and what a happy little shut-in I was for it. I will say this, Lich King did a good job of making another 10 level grind enjoyable, partly because they made it so easy that any drooling simpleton could bang it out in a few days. Ok so I hit level 80 and then where do you go from there? Dungeons, raids and never-ending grinds of dailies to get to exalted with a dozen different people so you can go "oooo I have 53 different tabards." Now don't get me wrong, during my unemployed days this was a beautiful way to kill an entire day without spending any money but now that I'm a functioning member of the working society I don't have the time to grind out bosses until 4 in the morning. So here's usually the wall that I hit with MMO's:

They're fun games that I enjoy playing, but once you get to the end you really can't play them unless you have the support of other players. Now while dungeon crawling and raids are fun, if you have a bad group it's basically the same as smashing your face against the wall. So most nights this week because I've been stuck hiding in my bedroom with a cold I've attempted at doing some dungeon runs but you spend an hour trying to put a group together, then halfway through someone bails on you, then your tank's phone rings and everyone dies or any number of constant little problems comes up and I'm left aggravating at having played a game for 3 hours and never actually PLAYED anything. Oh well, there's always PVP but I'm pretty sure that if somewhere were to do a modernized version of Dante's Inferno that PVP would be included as one of the layers of hell.

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